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Our signature cocktail recipes with gin

You can make a gin and tonic in so many different ways. Of course everyone knows the classic gin-tonic, but did you know that you can make a multitude of cocktails with gin? At The Ghentist we created some signature cocktails that taste delicious with our Ghentian gin.
Curious about our cocktail recipes with gin? Scroll down to discover!

ghentist apple fizz

Ghentist apple-gin-fizz

Centrifuge 6 Granny Smith apples
Add the zest of 3 limes and 1 lemon

Fill the glass with 5 cl gin from The Ghentist and the apple juice

Add 4 cl cava to the glass and finish with apple blossom leaves and some ice cubes


5cl The Ghentist
1,5 cl artisan elderflower syrup
12,5 cl sparkling water
Finish with some violets and crushed ice
ghentist blossom
cocktail with gin and pomegranate


5cl The Ghentist
15Spanish sparkling wine
2 teaspoons of pomegranate
Finish with a slice of orange and ice


5cl The Ghentist
3 cl lime juice
2 cl cane syrup
12 cl sparkling water
Crushed ice & Mint leaves

mojito recipe ghentist
ghentist passion cocktail


5cl The Ghentist
2 cl lime juice
1,5 cl passion fruit syrup
1 cl passion fruit juice
Crushed ice

Pro Cocktails

ghentist city ramble cocktail

Ghent City Gamble

35ml Gentse Gin
20ml Violet liqueur
15ml fresh lemon juice
> schudden en fijn zeven
> Neem een laag wijd glas of longdrink
Add 25ml (blueberries)coulis into the glass with ice before straining to create layers.

> of zeef alles in het glas met ijs en voeg gemalen ijs toe. Pour the coulis slowly over the crushed ice to create a bleeding effect in the glass.

Hot Cherry Bomb

40ml The Ghentist
20ml Saint Germain likeur
15ml lime juice
25ml egg white/ chickpea juice
20 ml Amarena Maraschino Cherry Siroop
5 thin slices of red chili pepper
hot cherry bomb cocktail
ghentini cocktail recept


30ml The Ghentist
(optional: 10ml Petermans Appeljenever)
10ml Sacred dry vermouth
10ml Supasawa
10ml honingsiroop
2 dashes of orange bitter

The Roseflower of Ghent

40ml The Ghentist
(optional: 10ml Saint Germain likeur)
20ml Rose blossom syrup
10ml lime juice
Top up with Fevertree Elderflower tonic
the rose flower of Ghent recept
C&T redux cocktail recept

Ghentist G&T Redux

40ml The Ghentist
15 ml rose water
10ml apple/orange peel syrup
2 tablespoons of crushed juniper berries and cardamom
Top up with Elderflower tonic

For the apple/orange peel syrup:
Rasp 40 oranges to get the orange zest
use 500 ml vers (finely sieved) Apple juice
add 500 grams of sugar
> Put everything in a cooking pot and add 100ml water and let it
cook for a few minutes until done. Let it cool down before using.

Ghentist Champagne Cocktail

35ml The Ghentist
20 ml cane syrup
(or used 15 ml cuberdon syrup if you don't let the Gin infuse)
10ml Supasawa/ lime juice
Finish with Eautréau Champagne

For the infusion with Cuberdons:
700ml Ghent jenever
200 gram cuberdons
> Cut open the cuberdons and add them to the gin and let them 1 rest day

champagne cocktail recept the ghentist
the ghentist Negroni cocktail recept

The Ghentist's Negroni

30ml The Ghentist
30ml Ancient Formula
30ml Campari
1 eetlepel of 0,4ml Chateau du Breuille VSOP calvados


40ml The Ghentist
20ml Saint Germain likeur
30ml lime juice
20ml Mango/ Rosemary syrup
35ml wortelsap mix
25ml chickpea juice

For the carrot juice mixture 1L:
600ml fresh carrot juice
100ml fresh apple juice
100ml fresh passion fruit
100ml vers Mangosap
100ml verse Chai thee

24k-carrot cocktail

Cupcakes with gin-tonic and citrus taste

Make your own cupcakes with The Ghentist and citrus taste. Your favorite dessert combined with your favorite Ghentian gin. Curious? You can find the recipe below.
Try it now!

gin-tonic cupcake with citrus