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Invented by the Brysbaert brothers

A few years ago, we decided to combine our love for great gin with our love for Ghent. That is how The Ghentist saw the light. As a tribute to the charming city of Ghent with her young mentality.Our floral Ghentian gin with citrus notes has a taste that is as idiosyncratic as the Ghentian residents. It’s a great gin that tastes even better when consumed near the Ghentian waters.Want to discover what our gin tastes like? Be sure to visit our webshop! Would you love to know all about our Ghentian gin? Scroll down to get to know the story behind our gin!

A wink to the city of Ghent

pouring gin
Ghent skyline
The story behind our Ghentian gin translates into our logo and the look and feel of our bottle, as both refer to Ghent and the rich history of this Belgian city. In the logo, you can recognize the skyline of the city of Ghent with some well-known historical buildings: the Belfry, the St. Bavo’s cathedral and the St. Nicholas’ church.

The use of the colors (black and white) is inspired by the ‘Stroppendragers’, the symbol of the idiosyncratic resistance of the Ghentians.

Black and white are also the colors of the city of Ghent, even though the Buffalos might disagree…

The unique bottle of gin of The Ghentist is shaped in such a way that it resembles the shape of, the famous big canon ‘De Dulle Griet’. In a way, you’ll pour your Ghentian gin in your glass via De Dulle Griet!

fill glass with gin

friendly transport

graslei gent sailing boat
As a Ghentian brand, it’s only logical that we trey to operate in an environmentally friendly way. That’s why we deliver our gin to our clients (bars and restaurants by the water) by canoe. Like real Ghentians we also don’t hesitate to jump on our bike to deliver our gin to our clients.
Our canoe deliveries did not go unnoticed, in 2020 an article about our unique way of delivering gin was published in ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ and in ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’.
Later that year, we were invited to take part in the tv-show ‘Jonge Wolven’ on VTM (see below)!
graslei gent the item