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Craft Ghentian gin

The Ghentist is a Ghentian floral gin with a mild citrus undertone. Our gin will please everyone that loves a good gin-tonic. It’s made by two brothers who wanted to express their love for their hometown: Ghent. A special gin, for everyone that wants to taste or share their love for Ghent. Or for those who love Belgian craft gin


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Our botanicals

The most important botanicals  in The Ghentist arelavender, lemon zest, irisflowerand orange zest. We combined our botanicals so that they would form a perfectly balanced palette of flavors.

The Ghentist has a floral character due to the presence of the flowers: lavender and iris. The citrus undertone of The Ghentist is created by the addition of citrus zest and orange zest. The gin has a fresh sour aftertaste of Granny Smith apple.

The perfect serve

Looking for the best way to make a gin-tonic with The Ghentist? Look no further:

  1. Pour 5 cl The Ghentist in a long drink glass with ice cubes.
  2. Add 15 cl Indian Tonic by Fever Tree.
  3. Finish with botanicals: two slices of Granny Smith apple (including the skin).

Are you looking for extra tips or are you curious about other botanicals that match our Ghentian floral gin?
Read it in our blog 'how do I make the best gin and tonic in 4 steps'.

Discover our cocktails

Do you prefer a fancy cocktail over a classic gin-tonic? We’ve got you covered. Together with experts, The Ghentist developed its own signature cocktails: ranging from a Ghentist-Blossom to the Ghentist-Mojito.

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Who are we?

A few years ago, the brothers Brysbaert decided to combine their love for great gin with their love for Ghent. That is how The Ghentist saw the light. As a tribute to the charming city of Ghent with its young mentality..

Your thoughts on The Ghentist?

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"I'm not a big gin connoisseur, but with my friends who are, their taste buds were already positively touched by The Ghentist."
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"Nice gin but different from the average gin. Also let it taste to friends and he fell well with that."
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"Surprisingly delicious, once a totally refreshing taste."
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"nice gin. And very fast service! Worth repeating!"
Tom De Munck
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"Very surprisingly tasty. Is one of the better gin I've ever drunk."
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"It's a tasty one, fresh and fruity gin."

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Our references

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