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Where can I buy the Ghentist gin?

You can find our Ghent gin in our webshop buy as in physical stores. Below you will find a list of the physical stores where you can buy our gin.

      Wijnhuis Bollaert

      Winery Bollaert

      The liquor store flourished when in 1984 sons Luc and Freddy Bollaert decided to take over the business. They start the direct import of wines, aperitifs and spirits from France. Later, neighboring countries such as Italy soon followed, Spain, Portugal and Germany. Not only Europe could satisfy the brothers' hunger for a wider range. South Africa, Australia, Argentina and America were also added to this. Our Ghent gin is also on their shelf!


      The time when supermarkets liked to work with drinks imported from the other side of the world has also completely changed. Today they also pay attention to local products at Carrefour such as our Ghent gin. You can also find us in the rack with local products in East Flanders

      Carrefour The Ghentist
      Collin The Ghentist


      Both in Collin-Ghent and in Collin-Oudenaarde, a team is ready for you that not only wants to 'sell' wine, but also want you to share in their experience, their knowledge and love for the wine. Year after year we select the best wines for you, as well as Champagnes, old Port wines, exceptional sherries, gin and liqueurs. Collin is also proud of an extensive collection of whiskeys. Collin is not just a treasure trove for private gourmets, companies and catering will also find something to their liking.


      Every special book comes with a unique drink, we find at Bookz&Booze.
      In Ghent, Ief combines a novel by Sien Volders with a local gin or a rock-solid classic with a peated whiskey. In Antwerp, Jan goes for Wildevrouw by Jeroen Olyslaegers with liqueur from 't Stad or a chilling thriller with a blood-red wine.
      Together they form the ultimate gift, and let it be exactly what The Ghentist serves so well.
      Bookz&Booze The Ghentist
      Delhaize Wondelgem The Ghentist


      At the Delhaize business in East Flanders you will also find us between the local products and the drinks department. This way you can also pick up your favorite bottle of gin on the way to a barbecue or after-work.

      Alice Magazine

      At Alice magasin you can go for a quick lunch such as a sandwich or pastry, but also for an original gift or aperitif. This is how we proudly show off in their store!

      Alice Magasin